All-Company Recent Filings

Uncover Key Events

All-Company Recent Filings makes it easy to screen across all companies for key corporate events such as upcoming IPOs, activist shareholder filings, proxy fights, and more. A single page enables you to see the latest filings across all the form types in which you might be interested.

Specific filing types are associated with specific corporate events:

  • New and Additional Securities Registrations:

    • S-1: Initial registration of a new securities
    • S-11: Initial registration of new securities for REITs
    • 10-12B: Initial registration of securities for a spinoff
    • 10-12G: Initial registration of a new class of securities
    • F-1: Initial registration of new securities for foreign issuer
    • F-10: Initial registration of new securities for Canadian issuer
    • S-3: Shelf registration
    • S-8: Registration of securities for employees
  • Activist Investor Holdings: When an investor purchases a large number of a public company's shares and signals their intention to be actively involved in the company's management, they must file a Form SC 13D. Learn More

  • Proxy Fights: Mainly used in corporate takeovers, a proxy fight is when a group of shareholders come together to win a corporate vote. Learn More

  • Late Filings: Companies will file these forms to extend their filing deadline if they cannot submit their filing by the SEC deadlines. Learn More

How it Works

You can access All-Company Recent Filings from the Screening drop-down menu available on any page with a header bar.


Click a filing type on the left-hand column of the page as shown below to see all filings of that type filed in the last 30 days.



Example Use Cases

Form 10-12B: Interested in monitoring for corporate spinoffs as investment opportunities? View Form 10-12Bs on All Company Filings to see all recent instances where companies are issuing new shares in a spinoff.

Form S-1: Want to see what companies are planning to IPO? View S-1s on All Company Filings to see recent new securities registrations by IPO candidates.

Email Alerts

You can also set up All Company Filings Alerts to receive an email alert any time one of these filings becomes available from any company.


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