Highlight Text

Found an Important Piece of Information?

With Highlight Text, you can:

  • Save any text selection for your own reference so that it will be available whenever you view that filing again.
  • Collaborate efficiently with a colleague by linking them directly to your highlighted selection within a filing.

Video Overview

This video provides a quick overview of how you can highlight a given piece of text and were you can view and manage your highlights.

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Save a Highlight

To save a highlight, select the text you would like to save and click Save.


The highlight will be saved and will be visible to you every time you visit the filing and will also be available on the Your Highlights page.


Remove a Saved Highlight

To remove a highlight that you have saved, hover over it with your mouse and click the Clear button.


Your Highlights

All of your filing and transcript highlights for a company are listed on the Your Highlights page. You can view the page by clicking the Your Highlights link on the left sidebar of the company page. The highlights will be grouped by their document type and will also conveniently show the highlighted text.



Sharing Highlighted Text

For more information about sharing highlighted text with your colleagues, check out our Link to Text or Tables page