Getting Started Guide

Learn how BamSEC can help you

BamSEC makes financial research easier by transforming how you work with SEC filings and earnings transcripts. It can help you focus on what matters, save time, and do better work – no matter what other tools you have.

We've designed BamSEC to be intuitive to use, but this brief introduction to the platform will help you get the most out of BamSEC right from the start.

First Steps

Make sure to follow these steps to get started.

  1. Log In. If you have an account, visit the login page. If you do not have an account, you can:
  • Check your email for account access information if your firm has an enterprise subscription.
  • Register for an account
  1. Search for a company on the Home page. You can search by company name or ticker. You can also search for any other SEC filers such as investment funds or individuals by name.
  2. Discover how you can:

Video Overview

This short video provides a quick overview of BamSEC and many of the key features.

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Key Features

We’ve highlighted below many of our core features that we encourage you to try.

Document Search

Use Document Search to instantly find any text within all filings and transcripts for a company. Quickly find out if Management has mentioned a key term on an earnings call or find all of the buried references to an obscure subsidiary in the filings. No more looking through documents one by one, and you can say goodbye to Ctrl-F.


Download Tables to Excel

Download Tables to Excel and save the time and avoid the headache of manual data entry while eliminating the risk of typos. Every table from every filing is available for download to Excel. All of the data comes straight from the filings with no modifications, so there’s no risk of downloading the data with careless typos or hidden adjustments.


Similar Tables

If you're building a model that needs several years of past data, you can use Similar Tables to quickly view and download past versions of the tables you need without ever having to leave the current filing. You don't have to pull up multiple individual filings and manually track down the tables you need ever again.


Link to Text or Tables

Found an important piece of information in a filing or some key management commentary in a transcript? Simply open a filing or transcript and create a link directly to specific text or tables.​ With this built-in sharing functionality, you can easily link colleagues directly to the source of your data or a specific section of the document without having to clunkily explain which portion of a filing you are referencing. You can also save the links for your own future reference, inside your models, or elsewhere.


Watched List

Tired of manually keeping track of all of your key companies? Just add them to your Watched List to receive Email Alerts for any new filings and transcripts. All of your watched companies' documents will appear on your Documents Feed directly on your homepage for easy access. Email alerts are also customizable to your liking.


Compare Filings

Document Comparisons enable you to see exactly what's different. Avoid having to scroll through the documents side by side in order to see what has changed – every addition and removal is clearly marked so that you can spot any key additions, omissions, and other changes directly in your browser, instantly.


Key Exhibits

Key Exhibits make it easy for you to find the most important information disclosed by every company. That includes documents that are filed or incorporated by reference within 8-Ks, 10-K/10-Qs, and other filings that would otherwise be difficult to find.

Key Exhibits include:

  • Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws
  • Credit Agreements
  • Indentures
  • Material Contracts
  • Plans of Reorganization
  • Underwriting Agreements

And more

PDFs, Highlighting, Filtering, Insider Transaction Summaries, High Quality Transcripts, and a constantly-expanding set of other features can help make financial research easier and save you valuable time.