Manage Your Subscription

How to view status, change billing interval, or unsubscribe

View Subscription Status

Your Subscription & Billing Settings page contains all the details about your current subscription status as well as your plan. To view that page, click on your name in the top right corner of your page and select Subscription & Billing.

On that page, you will see your current subscription status, including any discounts that may be applied and the plan selected. You can also see the credit card that is on file as well as details about the upcoming payment (if any). If you are not currently subscribed, you will also see an option to Resubscribe.

Sample subscription status viewSample subscription status view

Sample subscription status view

Change Plan

You can see which plan you are currently subscribed to and you can easily switch to a different plan by clicking on Change Plan. You will be shown a menu to select a new plan and to modify your Billing Frequency if needed.

Sample Change Plan viewSample Change Plan view

Sample Change Plan view

Change Billing Frequency

If you are currently being billed monthly and would like to switch to annual, click Switch to annual billing. If you are currently being billed annually and would like to switch to monthly, click Switch to monthly billing.

If you are currently subscribed, you will see a confirmation dialog that explains the changes that will take place once you confirm. At a high level: we will issue you account credit for any remaining time on your current plan and then change your plan, applying any credit you received. For example:

Sample billing frequency confirmation dialogSample billing frequency confirmation dialog

Sample billing frequency confirmation dialog

Annual subscriptions are cheaper on a monthly basis (effectively ~1 month free!), but are less flexible if you plan to use BamSEC only for a couple of months.


Unsubscribing is easy: there are no numbers to call or emails to send. At the bottom of your Subscription & Billing Settings page, there is a link to Unsubscribe. Click that, confirm, and you're all set.

After you unsubscribe, you will retain access to your account and subscription through the end of your current billing period. At the end of the billing period, your subscription will be cancelled automatically. You will still be able to log in, but you will not have access to any of the Premium features.

Of course, you can always resubscribe. Just visit your Subscription & Billing Settings and click Resubscribe. All your bookmarks and settings will be preserved.

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Manage Your Subscription

How to view status, change billing interval, or unsubscribe

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