Download PDFs for any given filing

Get Better PDFs

PDFs can be helpful if you are trying to attach a filing to an email, print a clean hard copy, or save a filing for later reference. Unlike just printing the filing to PDF or even the PDFs from an Investor Relations site, our PDFs are:

  • Properly paginated and cleanly laid out
  • Include a helpful footer that helps you reference a specific page without worrying whether it was originally labeled as page xx, 20, or F-20.

PDF of the Document Currently being Viewed

To retrieve a PDF for any given filing, click the PDF link on the sidebar of any filing.


Combined PDF of all Exhibits of a Filing

If you would like to retrieve a PDF of all of the exhibits together, click the down arrow on the right of the PDF button, and select PDF of all exhibits.


Here is a what a page from one of our PDFs looks like: