Customize Alerts

Limit alerts to certain categories or update your alerts email address

If you want to limit or expand the alerts to specific categories of documents, you can do so by customizing your Email Alerts.

All of the customization option are available on the Email Alerts Settings page, which can be accessed by clicking your name on the top right corner of any page (except when viewing documents), and selecting Email Alerts.

Turn Email Alerts On or Off

If you want to enable or disable Email Alerts entirely, you can do so by selecting Yes or No in the Enable email alerts for new filings? option. Don't forget to Save.

Change the Email Address for Alerts

The email address where you receive alerts does not need to match the primary email address for your account. In order to change the email address where you receive alerts, just enter a new address under Email address where to send alerts and click Save.

Confirm the new address

Before we can send any alerts to your updated email address, the new address will need to be verified. Visit Set Up Alerts for details on how to confirm your address.

Customize Companies and Categories

For each company you have Watched, you can customize the document categories for which you receive alerts. A green checkmark means that the alert for that company and category is enabled. If you have a lot of companies to customize, you can also click the row or column headers to enable/disable all alerts within that row/column. Don't forget to Save your changes.

Watched Companies?

You can only receive alerts for companies on your Watched List.

Confidentially-filed Forms

Some filings are filed confidentially but made publicly available much later, sometimes several weeks or months. By default, we do not send you alerts for these filings because they often become public in bulk (and we don't want to overwhelm your inbox) and they are usually lower-importance filings like correspondence with the SEC for past deals. Examples of confidentially-filed filings include draft registration statements, SEC comments on registration statements, monthly money market funds holdings reports, and more.

If you would like to receive alerts when these new filings become available, select Yes under Enable alerts for confidentially-filed forms?

Timing of alerts for confidentially-filed forms

We process confidentially-filed forms in bulk at the end of each day, so in some cases, you may see the confidentially-filed filing on EDGAR before you see it on BamSEC. However, we will always have the confidentially-filed filings that have been released available by the end of that day.

More Customization Options

We are always making improvements to the service and the Email Alerts customization options. However, there are some customization options not yet available:

  • Customization: At this time, only category-level customization is available for Email Alerts. If you would like more customization options for alerts (e.g., by form type), please let us know.
  • Alerts for All Companies: Email Alerts for new documents across all companies (filtered either by form or keyword) are currently not available. If this is something you would like us to add, please let us know.
  • Other customization: As with everything else, please let us know if there is something you would like to do that isn't listed here.

Customize Alerts

Limit alerts to certain categories or update your alerts email address