Link to Text

Link to a filing, text within a filing, or a table within a transcript

Want to Share Key Information with Others?

Collaboration is key to any research process, and BamSEC makes collaboration easy. Did you know that with BamSEC Premium, you can link to not just the transcript, but any specific text within a transcript? With the built-in sharing functionality, you can easily send colleague directly to the source of your information.


Links available to subscribers only

Since transcripts are only available to active subscribers, links to the transcripts or text within transcripts work only for other active subscribers.

Link to Text Within a Transcript

You can obtain a link to any selected text within a transcript. Anyone using that link will be brought directly to the your selected text and the text will also be highlighted for their convenience.

  1. Select the text you would like to link to.
  1. Click Link. The link that you see pre-selected for you is a link that will bring anyone directly to that text.