Scope & Availability

Scope & Coverage

We get our transcripts from a trusted source: Standard & Poor's (S&P). Our transcripts data set includes all transcripts back to 2007, including both earnings transcripts as well as calls, conferences, and everything else that S&P has available.

The vast majority of U.S.-listed (either current or formerly) public companies have transcripts. But S&P’s coverage is not 100%, and some companies are excluded either due to low market capitalization, low trading volume, or similar reasons.


The transcript for any given call or event will usually become available on BamSEC as soon as S&P makes it available.
During peak earnings season, S&P may take slightly longer to prepare transcripts. Also, some types of transcripts, like ones from industry conference presentations, may take longer to become available due to the nature of the event. Regardless, we will have transcripts as soon as S&P makes them available. If you are subscribed to your Email Alerts, you will receive a notification as soon as a transcript becomes available.


While you cannot access transcripts while not subscribed, you can see what is available. Just visit any company page and click the Transcripts link on the left sidebar. On the Transcripts page you will be brought to, you will see a list of transcripts that are available for that company.

Unfortunately, some corporate subscriptions exclude access to transcripts. If you are on a corporate plan that does not have access and you would like to access transcripts, please reach out to your group head, COO, or Market Data team.

Availability During the Trial

Due to our agreement with S&P, only a limited number of transcripts are available during the free trial. If you need full access to transcripts before the end of your trial period, you can end your trial early on this page.