Link to Text

Link to the text within a filing

Want to Share Key Information with Others?

Links to Text makes collaboration easy by letting you link directly to any specific text within a filing. With this built-in functionality, you can:

  • Easily send colleagues directly to the source of your data or a specific section of text you had trouble finding
  • Save links for your own future reference, inside your models or elsewhere


Links are shareable with anyone

You can share any links with anyone – even those without a BamSEC account. Links to text, tables, and the filing itself will always work.


You can use links to reference tables or text within your models.

Video Overview

This video provides a brief overview of how you can select any text within a filing, save it to your highlights, and/or link to it directly.

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Link to any Text Within a Filing

You can obtain a link to any selected text within a filing. Anyone using that link will be brought directly to your selected text and the text will also be highlighted for their convenience. Here's how it works:

  1. Select the text you would like to link to.


Save Your Highlights

For more information about saving highlighted text, check out the Highlight Text page.

  1. Click Link. The link that you see pre-selected for you is a link that will bring anyone directly to that text.
  1. Anyone using your link will be brought directly to the text that you selected. Here's what it looks like from start to end: