Compare Filings

Generate redlines from your browser

See What has Changed

Filings and disclosures may change over time, and Document Comparisons will allow you to see what has changed. Quickly review any changes by comparing the newer and older versions of a document — all from the convenience of your browser.

We clearly mark what sections of text have been added or removed so that you can spot any key additions, omissions, or other changes. Even tables are included in the comparison, so you can see everything that has changed in one place.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Click the Compare button in the sidebar of any filing.
  1. Select the filing to which you would like to compare the current filing.
  1. View the generated comparison. The green text represents text that was added in the more recent filing. The red text represents text that was removed in the more recent filing. All text that is not highlighted is present in both filings.